DIMAS Diplomas handed to Students of the Lycée Privé Technique Emile Metz

The Luxembourg Flight Training Academy (LFTA), in partnership with the Pedagogical and Technological Research and Innovation Coordination Service (SCRIPT), has set up the DIMAS training program, collaborating with a number of high schools in the Grand Duchy , including the Lycée Privé Technique Emile Metz.

The Diplôme d’Initiation aux Métiers Aéronautiques et Spatiales (DIMAS) is an optional course that offers students in secondary education and vocational training an introduction to the various aeronautical and space professions. The aim is to provide them with training prior to higher education in aeronautics and aerospace.

The students proposed by the participating schools obtain from the instructors of LFTA a course including the following elements:

Meteorology and aerology,
Aerodynamics, aerostatics and principles of flight,
Study of aircraft and spacecraft,
Navigation, regulations, flight safety,

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