Night VFR

Night-VFR Qualification

The Night Visual Flight Rules (N-VFR) Qualification is based on a EASA Private Pilot Licence. It qualifies you to command an aircraft at night in good weather conditions. Training consists of ground instruction, night circuits, navigation flights and exercises on our FNPT-II simulator. Our aircraft are Night VFR approved. You will increase your flying skills and experience and you will extend your flexibility in flight operations. Pilots who wish to pursue further training like CPL or an Instrument Rating, will find the NVFR Qualification course a valuable stepping stone. Night VFR qualification can also be part of the Instrument Rating Course.

The LFTA Flight School now offers a special Night VFR course to fulfil the requirements according to EASA–FCL for the Night-VFR Qualification.

The course contains:

  • 5 hours ground instruction
  • 5 hours flight time with instructor
  • 1 hour flight time with instructor on FNPT II Simulator

You must hold a valid EASA PPL-Licence to enter the course.

Contact us for further details.

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