Modular Training

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Learning and Training at Your Pace

LFTA is certified for the Modular Training Courses leading to the ATPL. Modular Training is designed for individuals who do not wish to undertake a full-time course of integrated pilot training. They also suit those who wish to complete their training in stages by doing modules over a period of time after having fulfilled the pre-entry requirements. The modular system has advantages over conventional integrated training (where all knowledge is acquired in one consecutive course), because it allows you better personal time management.

To begin your modular training, you need to have a valid PPL which you can also obtain at LFTA. To gain professional qualifications, CPL, Instrument Rating, Multi-Engine Rating and Time-Building would follow. The ATPL theoretical knowledge course could be done in parallel.

Distance Learning

As part of the Modular Training, LFTA has chosen the option of approved Distance Learning courses offering a flexible approach to complete the theoretical knowledge courses. It is supported both via Internet and by training documentation. This approach is less expensive and can be done over an extended time frame if required. The distance learning material is provided by Boeing Services Deutschland GmbH, a proven provider of aviation teaching systems.

The distance learning is complemented by on-site brush-up sessions. The entire training is closely followed by our instructors through tests which the students must submit by a given deadline. These tests will be graded by the instructors and feed back is given to the students. All students obtaining 75% or more in the tests will be accepted by LFTA for the final brush-up classes at the LFTA premises. All brush-up courses must be followed in order to attend the exams.

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