Marc Rasquin

Accountable Manager at Luxembourg Flight Training Academy

“Dear Aviation enthusiasts,

Welcome to the Luxembourg Flight Training Academy, Luxembourg’s first EASA Part ORA Approved Training Organisation with the privilege to provide Part FCL training courses including training in a FNPT II Simulator.

Who has never dreamed of becoming a pilot?
At Luxembourg Flight Training Academy, you have the unique opportunity to make your dream come true. We offer you the full range of flight training programs, from the Private Pilot License PPL(A) to the Air Transport Pilot License ATPL(A).
We are motivated by your training progress. Comprehensive courses, straight forward pricing and a “people first” attitude is our philosophy.
What are you waiting for?
Come and join the world of flying”

The road to become a pilot!

Luxembourg Flight Training Academy (LFTA) is a flight school, created by pilots for prospective pilots

In contrast to large European commercial flight schools, whose primary goal is to maximize income, LFTA was the brainchild of passionate pilots from the industry focusing on giving personalized training of excellence at competitive rates.

It does not matter whether you are interested solely in becoming a private pilot for leisure, taking your family and friends on sightseeing flights or trips abroad, or if you aspire becoming a commercial airline pilot and discover the world from a most stunning office 30’000 feet up in the air. With Luxembourg Flight Training Academy, you will find the training you need to realise your dreams.

Aviation is really a unique career. The combination of technology, resource management, safety, teamwork, efficiency and often a magical moment only pilots can experience, makes this profession so special.

We will present everything you need to know about private and professional flight training, bringing you closer to the controls of an aircraft. LFTA will guide you through the stages to become a pilot; professional or private.

Now, lean back and fasten your seat belt…

Tecnam P2010 LX-LTA
Tecnam P2010 LX-LTA
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