Your ATO in Luxembourg

Welcome to the Luxembourg Flight Training Academy, Luxembourg’s first EASA Part ORA Approved Training Organisation LU.ATO.0001 with the privilege to provide Part FCL training courses including training in a FNPT II Simulator. Our academy provides a wide range of high quality courses for flight crew licenses, including among others the Private Pilot (PPL), Commercial Pilot (CPL), and Air Transport Pilot (ATPL) licences.

Training towards the instrument rating, multi engine (piston) rating, night VFR qualification and flight instructor rating (FI(A)) is also provided. Using our approved Flight Simulator TRU-Mechtronix Ascent FNPTII-MCC and classroom training, we offer courses for Multi-Crew-Coordination (MCC) as well as pilot assessments and Base Training  at competitive rates. LFTA also provides English language proficiency tests (ELPAC) according to EASA up to level 6. For special courses and training visit our News and Events page.

Learn to Fly!

Learning to fly for leisure or to start a career, we provide our students with optimum training conditions, facilities and equipment to ensure that they successfully develop all skills and knowledge required for their future in aviation.

LFTA is part of  Aéro-Sport asbl Luxembourg, Luxembourg’s largest and most active Flying Club. So you can choose to train as member of the Flying Club or concentrate on flight training only at LFTA.

Don’t dream it – do it, and let us be your guide to a successful career.