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Building on a Long Tradition…

Aéro-Sport asbl Luxembourg

Since its beginnings, more than 75 years ago, Aéro-Sport asbl Luxembourg, Luxembourg’s largest and most active aviation club, has offered pilot training to its members. Apart from the initial Private Pilot License (PPL), courses were extended to allow pilots to acquire the Night Qualification (NVFR) and the instrument rating. Many pilots have taken up this offer in order to enlarge and improve their skills

Providing Professional Flight Training in Luxembourg

The introduction of the  “Joint Aviation Requirements” (JAR) that governed aviation rules in Europe, meant that only training for the Private Pilot License and Night Qualification could be done within the Club’s Registered Training Facility (RF). The subsequent introduction of European EASA regulations upheld this situation. Since Aéro-Sport asbl had decided to continue offering advanced training and moreover to extend the offer to professional pilot training, it created ist own distinct flight school “Luxembourg Flight Training Academy” (LFTA).

First approved as JAR compliant FTO, LFTA is now authorized as EASA compliant ATO (LU.ATO.0001). LFTA can now propose a complete modular training package, ranging from Private Pilot up to Airline Transport Pilot.

The growing number of students at LFTA, many of them pursuing a professional orientation, shows that our concept to provide aviation training, private and commercial, in the the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is on a sound footing.

Bringing Aerospace Knowledge to the Schools


In partnership with the Service de Coordination de la recherche et de l’Innovation pédagogiques et technologiques – SCRIPT, LFTA has developed the DIMAS training programme, providing basic aerospace knowledge to students of secondary schools in Luxembourg.

Trusted Partners

LFTA cooperates with the Association Luxembourgeoise des Pilotes de Ligne, with Boeing Services Deutschland GmbH for theoretical knowledge and distance learning material and with Alsim for our simulators.

Association Luxembourgeoise des pilotes de ligne                 

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