The Road to Become a Pilot at LFTA

At LFTA we take great pride in putting you and your training at the center of our attention. We will never mass-produce pilots and our professional team of highly experienced instructors, most of them are active line pilots not freshmen instructors, will guide you towards your ultimate goal: land that first flying job! We focus on personal training, not financial gains. Welcome to the exiting world of aviation.

A non-exhaustive list of employers of our successful graduates:

AirBaltic, CAE Aviation, Cargolux, Condor, Easyjet, Eurowings, Flybe, Jetfly, Lufthansa, Luxair, Luxaviation, Ryanair, Sunexpress, Smartlynx, Swiss, Tuifly…

LFTA Guides You Step by Step to through the Pilot Training:

Steps to become a Pilot 1

“Frozen ATPL” the qualification to get an airline job…

“Frozen ATPL” is the term pilots use when they talk about a new pilot qualified with a Commercial Pilot License CPL(A), including ATPL Theory, with an Instrument and Multi-engine rating and a completed MCC. 
It is the qualifications most airlines require to hire you on the right-hand seat of a commercial airliner. After completion of the entire course, which takes approximately 2 to 3 years (considering weather and personal availability) you are ready to apply for your first airline job. We also pride ourselves in helping you successfully pass your airline interviews.

Approximate Finance and Cost

Approximate Finance and Cost

This cost scheme may be subject to changes. Prices are dependent on fuel prices and also on the progress of the trainee. Additional training might increase the cost of the course. We do not charge in advance, only flown hours must be paid.

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