Flight Simulator (FNPT II)


TRU-Mechtronix Ascent Simulator (FNPTII)

We train in a TRU-Mechtronix Ascent flight simulator (Flight Navigation Procedure Trainer Class II – FNPT II) from one of the top manufacturers of synthetic flight training devices. This simulator will be used among others for training towards the instrument rating. Up to 40 training hours can be done in our simulator.

The Simulator qualifies for single engine and multi-engine flight models, including multi engine turbine (Beech 200).

The high quality visual system also allows using it for visual flight training. This gives the unique opportunity to address specific problems that might occur during a candidates training. At any given point, the simulator can be stopped or a situation replayed, retrained and explained, something that would be impossible to reproduce in an airplane and at a fraction of the cost.

Our flight simulator will enable you to acquire a solid basis in instrument flying, since you will be able to focus on the quintessential procedures and manoeuvres, without interference from other traffic, as would happen in an actual aeroplane. This way, you will find it much easier to learn IFR flying in an airplane, since most manoeuvres will already be second nature to you once you get to the flying part. Airlines worldwide have recognised that this training method is much safer, much more efficient and provides more in-depth knowledge than could ever be achieved in an actual airplane.

360 Degree View of our Simulator

Panorama Created by Guy Spanier

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